St Andrew’s Initiative is the name given to how St. Andrew’s thinks about its purpose as a church and plans it’s future activities. Overall, the aim is to become as open to the wider community as possible.

This means serving the geographical parish of Aylestone in a number of ways –

  • by being a community of hospitality and welcome
  • by providing good and accessible worship
  • by serving those in need through friendship and ministry
  • by developing programmes of life-long learning in Christian faith
  • by valuing the heritage of the medieval church building and enhancing its use through a programme of arts events.

St. Andrew’s Initiative works towards the Mission Statement of the church in order to maintain the Parish Church as a living community of faith for all.

Any monies raised through the events of St Andrews Initiative are put towards developing the future life of the church in relation to the wider community.

You can find out more about the St Andrews’s Initiative at St Andrew’s Initiative